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Clinic & Ward & Department Information & Location

Adult Psychiatry Clinic

- Adult psychiatry location at level 4 clinic level. The adult psychiatric clinic is conducted on every working MONDAY & WEDNESDAY commencing from 0900hrs and ends at 1200hrs. Every clinic has patient slots, divided into one slot for new patients lasting one (1) hour and six (6) slots lasting twenty minutes each for follow-up cases.

The new case slot is from 0900hrs till 1000hrs while the follow-up slots are from 1000hrs till 1140hrs in intervals of 20 minutes each. Should the number of patients exceed the available slots, then they can be scheduled under Overbooked Slot from 0800hrs till 0900hrs or the Urgent Slots from 1200hrs till 1230hrs.

 Child Psychiatry Clinic (Mekar)

-child psychiatry Clinic also call as Mekar. Mekar location al level 2 near Emergency Department. The Child psychiatric clinic is conducted on every working Tuesday & Friday. Every clinic has patient slots, Scheduled patients who default a visit  shall  be  rescheduled only once.  A reminder of the appointment  date  shall  be  given  for all   `high  risk ` patients * one week prior to the scheduled date. There are 3  staff nurse and I JM work from 8am to 5pm

 Wad 2C

- location of ward 2c at level 2 near X-ray Department. Ward 2C has 20 gazetted  beds   for male and female patient. Admission of patient based on mental health ACT 2001.  Wad 2C was operated 24 hour a day with divided with 3 shift. All ward location was monitor by CCTV. There are 21 staff working for taking care of all patient. From 21 staff 13 are staff nurse and 8 Assitant Medical Officer.

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