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Goals, Vision, Mission & Aims


1. Centre for Orthopaedic excellence, providing service to the satisfaction of our clients.

2. Cohesive team of Orthopaedic specialists with multispeciality skills and teamwork spirit.

3. An established centre for training of doctors and gazettement of Orthopaedic surgeons.

4. Role model for future Orthopaedic practice


The Orthopaedic Department share a vision of the future that ensures the department will :

· Deliver the highest quality patient care in every facet of Orthopaedic practice.

· Encourage patient – centred , process – oriented efficient clinical programmes to ensure smooth delivery of cost – effective and friendly care.

· Promote Orthopaedic education by facilitatory exchange of concepts, information and techniques.

· Pursue problem – based clinical research and encourage clinicians to integrate new ideas in our daily activities.


· Strives to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal healthcare , Orthopaedic teaching and research with a commitment to service and leadership .


· Provide quality, contemporary and client – friendly care in Orthopaedics and Trauma.

· Promote good patient education and a conducive rehabilitative environment and provide positive and realistic attitude towards patient care.

· Create good and harmonious relationship among Orthopaedic staff and patients towards a friendly and caring service.

· Working towards continuous medical education and training for all levels of doctors and medical personal through the continuous medical education.

· To be research oriented with IT – based service

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