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Goals & Core Values

Our Goals

Improving Health Maintaining an ongoing concern with the health of the population and outcome of programs and services.
Improving Equity Of Access Ensuring that access to comprehensive services is available on the basis of need.
Improving Quality Of Care And Service Fostering best practice, providing the patient with a clear and easy pathway through the system and managing resources effectively.

Core Values

Caring Service Delivering services to our customers in a courteous, respectful and responsive manner besides upholding human dignity.
Professionalism Being ethical, committed, disciplined and competent.
Teamwork Working together as a team for a united purpose.
Quality Endeavoring to achieve the highest standards not only through efficiency and effectiveness but also in the quality of our thinking, the quality of our decision making, the quality of our response and the quality of everything we do.
Process Excellence We recognise that in the ultimate delivery of any service, the excellence of processes is critical. Information technology will be harnessed to facilitate processes improvement.
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