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Dr Ng Kim Swan

Dr Ng Kim Swan

Dr Ng Kim Swan is the senior consultant Anesthetist in the Anesthesia department and the Head of unit for Pain Management under the Anesthetisia Department in Hospital Selayang. She obtained her Bachelor of Medicine ( MBBS) from Kastubar Medical College, Manipal, University of Mangalore, Karnataka State, India in 1995 and subsequently major in Master of Medicine (Anesthesiology) in University Science Malaysia, Kubangkerian in 2004. Upon completing her study, Dr Ng Kim Swan served in Hospital Serdang and Hospital Selayang as Anesthetist Specialist. In 2011, Dr Ng completed her fellowship in pain Management in Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong, China.

Dr Ng is a core member for the National Registry for Regional Anesthesia since 2012. She is also a committee member for Task Force in Pain Free Hospital Project, MOH, member of International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), MASP, Malaysian Society of Anesthesiologist (MSA) and Malaysia Medical Association (MMA).

She has been invited as speaker and facilitator in the workshops for both local and international conferences such as WIP, ASEAPS, MASP, AOSRA and ASEAN Congress of Anesthesia. She has over 20 presentation and 6 write up. She is one of the author for Malaysia Society of Anesthesiology Year Book 2011-2012.

She was involved in over 21 Investigator Initiated research and 3 Industry Initiated research. Her main interest is in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management.

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