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Occupational Therapy is a health care profession concerned with people of all ages whose everyday life been affected by physical and mental health problems, through specifically and graded activities.

Occupational Therapy Department divided into two major area - Physical  Area and Psychiatry Area.Physical Area is  located at Rehabilitation Department at  Level 3 and Psychiatry Area  is under Psychiatry and Mental Health Department  at Level 2.


Our main objective is to help clients reach their maximum level of functioning and independence in all aspect of Activities of Daily Living which include their self-care,work,play, recreational and leisure.

Services provided:

1.      Remedial Activity

2.      Splint

3.      Pressure Garment / Burn / Hyperthropic Scar Management

4.      Activity of Daily Living ( ADL ) Training

5.      Aids and Adaptation

6.      Stress Management / Relaxation Therapy

7.      Work Hardening

8.      Pre-Driving Assessment

9.      Wheelchair Assessment / Training

10.  Home Management

11.  Behavior Modification

12.  Social Therapy

13.  Visit – Home, School, Work.


Continuous Quality Occupational Therapy shall be provided to all our clients by team of professional staff.


This department shall provide quality Occupational Therapy services for client referred using the best techniques and technology available.


This department is directly under Hospital Management which is  the Director and Assistant Director.

Organization Chart as follow :

As for now, this department has one U36 Occupational Therapist, two  U32 Occupational Therapist, six U29 Occupational Therapist and two U3 Medical Treatment Assistant.

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