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Critical Care Nephrology And Renal Consults Services

The critical care nephrology and consult unit operate 24 hours a day and received 200-300 consults a month. It provides comprehensive renal supports including intermittent acute haemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy and plasmapharesis.

Renal Transplant Services

Renal transplant services were started in 2000 and currently perform living related, emotionally related and cadaveric renal transplantation.

For more information, please contact the transplant coordinator at 603 6126 3333 extension 7007 or 7008.


Department of Nephrology, Hospital Selayang achieved several "First" in the country and includes:-

1. First haemodialysis unit to provide chronic haemodialfitration service in the country
2. Performed the first Y-tec peritoneoscopic insertion of tenckhoff catheter in Malaysia in 2005
3. Performed the first translumber cuffed haemodialysis catheter in Malaysia in 2006
4. Performed the first transhepatic cuffed haemodialysis catheter in Malaysia in 2007
5. Performed the first transvenous renal biopsy in Malaysia in 2008
6. Performed the first supine antero-lateral renal biopsy in Malaysia in 2008
7. Established the first diagnostics and interventional nephrology unit in 2009
8. Performed the first external iliac cuffed haemodialysis catheter in Malaysia in 2009
9. Performed the first external jugular cuffed haemodialysis catheter in Malaysia 2010
10. The fastest growing and largest peritoneal dialysis unit in the country since 2010
11. Introduce the novel modified Y-tec peritoneoscopic ("mini laparascopic") insertion technique of tenckhoff catheter in 2011


 Head of Department and Senior Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Wong Hin Seng
MD, MRCP(UK), M.Med (Int Med), FRCP(Edin)
email address: HSWong [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

Consultant Nephrologists

Dr Bee Boon Cheak
email address: BeeBC [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

Dr Goh Ching Yan
email address: GohCY [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

Dr Suryati Yakob
email address: SuryatiY [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

 Renal Registrar

Dr Mohd Kamil bin Ahmad
MD, M.Med (Int Med)
email address: MdKamil [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

Dr Eason Chang
email address: EasonC [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my

Dr Lee Jun
email address: LeeJun [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my


Training & Research


Its 3 years subspecialty nephrology training programme is designed to optimize educational experience in all field of nephrology including renal transplantation, critical care nephrology and interventional nephrology. The Department of Nephrology has been organising the Annual Diagnostics and Interventional Nephrology meeting since 2007 and received delegates from Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

For more information, please email to HSWong [AT] selayanghospital [DOT] gov [DOT] my



Department of Nephrology maintains a strong tradition in clinical research and has won several best research papers in national meetings. It is currently involved in several local, national and international multi center clinical studies.

Diagnostics And Interventional Nephrology Services

The Diagnostics and Interventional Nephrology (DIN) unit is situated at level 7 and consist of an interventional nephrology suite and a procedure room. It is equipped with 2 ultrasonographic machines and a mobile C-arm and provides a wide range of diagnostics and interventional nephrology services including:-

1. Ultrasonographic examination of the native and transplanted kidneys
2. Ultrasonographic examination of vascular access and pre surgery venous mapping
3. Insertions and salvage of peritoneal dialysis catheters
4. Insertion of non cuffed haemodialysis catheters
5. Insertion of cuffed haemodialysis catheters including translumbar and transhepatic.
6. Insertion of chemoports
7. Realtime ultrasonographic guided kidney biopsy (normal and plugged kidney biopsies).

Elective procedures requiring general anaesthesia are scheduled every Monday and performed in the general operation theatre.

For more information, please contact the DIN staff nurse at 603 6126 3333 extension 7001.

  Figure 6: DIN unit   Figure 7: Interventional Suite
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