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Future Direction

The Department hopes to develop as a centre for Colorectal Surgery and General Surgery with competent and trained personnel.

Mission, Vision and Objective

• We are committed to deliver service that is of high quality, efficient, equitable and responsive to the public
• We strive to always improve our clinical services through communication with key stakeholders including staff, patient’s, their families and the community as a whole
• We are determined to improve the quality of patient care without prejudice in a multicultural society to create a harmonious and caring environment
• We encourage research and audit in the clinical environment to improve our clinical services

• The department of general surgery strives to provide excellent and high quality service

• “to focus on wellbeing and good quality of life through health education and clinical excellence to foster a community that is advanced, disciplined and competitive”


The Department is actively involved together with the Clinical Research Centre[CRC] and is also actively involved in presenting Papers and posters at various local conferences.


Academic and clinical case discussions are held on a regular basis.

Within the department, weekly medical education sessions are conducted with House Officers and Medical Officers which covers various topics of interest. Case discussions are held with the Imaging Department and the Pathology Department once every months.

At the Hospital level, the Specialists and Medical Officers are actively involved in the Continuous Medical Education sessions. Similarly, the nursing staff conduct their own medical education.

Annually, the Department organizes a series of seminars such as stoma care, colorectal workshops and surgical skills workshop.

Clinic, Ward and Daycare Information and Location

1. Inpatient Care

General Surgery Wards

·         Female Ward – 4A (Level 4)

·         Male Ward – 4B (Level 4)

·         Burns Unit (Level 5)

·         Paediatrics Multidisciplinary Ward 8C (Level 8

·         Multidisciplinary First Class Wards 9A and 9B (Level 9)

          For visiting hours, please refer to the hospital main webpage

2. Outpatient Care

General Surgery Clinic (Level 4)

·         On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8.00am – 1.00pm

3. Day Care

Daycare Surgery (Daycare Unit Level 2)

·         Under local anaesthesia, Wednesdays, 8.00am – 5.00pm

·         Under general anaesthesia, Tuesday and Thursdays, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Endoscopy Services (Daycare Unit Level 2)

·         OGDS and Colonoscopy, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8.00am – 1.00pm

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