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Kebajikan Sosial Perubatan

Our Services

Supportive Therapy

Our medical social officers provide counseling and support to patients and their family members to help them to cope with life changes arising from their medical condition. At the same time, psycho-social assessment and practical assistance are provided to help them cope with the often demanding medical treatment.

Patients who experience changes in their physical abilities due to illnesses, may have great anxieties about going home and what it means to their future and their family members. Our medical social officers play an important role in addressing these issues, helping to mobilize resources and proposing community resources including step-down care facilities that may best meet their needs.

Patients who are admitted due to distress and conflicts in their personal life will also receive crisis intervention . These include patients who experience family violence, sexual assault, suicide attempts, abuse and neglect, amongst others.

We also provides counseling support for patients and their families who are facing challenges times such as newly diagnosed serious illness, coping with chronic illness, traumatic injuries and bereavement e.g. for patients suffering from breast cancer, permanent disability, loss and interpersonal relationship problems.

We also provide counseling to help patient’s  caregivers, siblings and  other family members cope more effectively with life changes associated with hospitalization and/or a medical condition . Our services include help patients and caregivers understand the patient’s illness and treatment plan.

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