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Standard & Client Charter


  • Every customer will be treated with care, consideration and dignity.
  • Every customer will be given a clear and comprehensive explanation about the test requested when necessary.
  • Every specimen shall be handled in a recommended manner.
  • Every test shall be performed timely, carefully and accurately using proven and reliable methodology and utilising where possible the latest technology available.
  • Urgent (stat) tests shall be attended to and carried out immediately.
  • All examination results shall be handled appropriately and kept confidential.


Standard Timeliness

Laboratory Turn Around Time (LTAT)for urgent (Stat) tests (Refer to Appendix [1] ) : within one hour

LTAT for routine tests performed daily all in within 4 hours:

  • Chemical Pathology
  • Haematology
  • Blood Bank

LTAT for batch testing in:

  • Microbiology
  • Chemical Pathology
  • Haematology
  • Refer to the specific test in Appendix [2] : a-d

LTAT for microbiology tests:

  • Cultures : 24 to 72 hours


  • Participation in national and external Quality Assurance Program (QAP).
  • Received accreditation certification from NATA for compliance in ISO 15189 in 2007.

Integrated Clinical Laboratory Service

The Pathology Department practices integration of Clinical Laboratory services. Integrated areas include the following:

  • Central Specimen Reception (CSR)
  • Main Laboratory – for routine and urgent Blood Bank, Haematology, Chemical Pathology and Clinical Laboratory analyses. It functions 24 hourly.
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