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For our patients


The Main Department : 2nd floor.
Emergency Unit : 2nd Floor
Specialist Clinic Unit : 4th Floor
On your arrival our personnel at the reception counter will direct you to the relevant examination room.

Examinations requiring special patient preparation:

Ultrasound – Hepatobiliary System / Urinary System, CT, and MRI scans

Special procedures, angiography and interventional examinations

Most gastro-intestinal (GI) and urinary tract examinations including intravenous urogram (IVU), studies of the esophagus (barium swallow), stomach (barium meal) and colon (barium enema)

Mammography (breast imaging)

To ensure successful examination it is important that you follow any instructions about examinations requiring special patient preparation that are given and discussed with you at the time when the appointment is made.

Useful things to bring / have with you: Reading materials, puzzles / crosswords, pen and paper.

Belongings and valuables: Please avoid bringing valuables to the department. Please keep your belongings and valuables (if any) with you at all time.

Clothing: You may be asked to change to our examination gown for your examination.

Hand Washing And Scrub:

Hand washing facilities and alcohol rub are available and encouraged for patient and visitor use.

Our Personnel:

Different types of personnel are involved in performing imaging procedures:


Medical Officers



We can provide an area of quiet and privacy for mothers who need to breast-feed.

The department has a water dispenser available for patients and visitors.

Toilets are available for both patients and visitors in our waiting area.

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