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Services Provided

The Emergency Service provided encompasses a comprehensive treatment plan that includes Pre Hospital care, resuscitation, and stabilization and definitive care management. Other services provided include disaster management, management of child abuse, domestic violence and acute asthma attack. All patients are treated according to the urgency and need of emergency care. In order to facilitate this, the ED has introduced the zoning concept based on the principles of triaging.
Other services include Emergency Imaging and the Observation Ward that caters for patients requiring short-term observation up to 6 hours that would otherwise be admitted as inpatient. Such patients include those requiring rehydration, mild head injury, renal colic and abdominal pains.

A Call Centre that shall act as point for facilitation and networking of the emergency ambulance call services in its surrounding area is currently under construction.This comprehensive and integrated service is provided and coordinated by the ED Control and Dispatch Centre(CDC) and operates 24 hrs a day.

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