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How to contact the medical social work department

The Medical Social Work Department located at Level 3 beside Billing Payment Counter. Its consists of one Principle Medical Social Officer, One Senior Medical Social Officer and 4 Medical Social Officers . Referrals can be made by any member of the Medical Team and by any of the Allied Health Professionals. A patient or family member can request  medical social services by asking a member of the medical team to make a referral by Power Chart.  Our teams of medical social officers are available Monday – Friday at 8.00 am till 5.00 pm to assist our patients and theirs family during they stay in the Hospital.

Contact Us

Department of Medical Social Work
Selayang Hospital
Lebuhraya Selayang Kepong
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

For enquiries, please contact us:
Tel : 03 6120 3233 ext 3135
Fax : 03 6120 2389, 03 6137 7097


Our research involvement is to cultivate a research-oriented practice. We planned to do research relating our services including domestic violence, caregiver stress, quality of life, renal care, renal transplant and marital stress among attempted suicide patients.Head of Department


Our MSWs are actively involved in training and education. Medical Social Work postgraduates interns from National University of Malaysia (UKM) and undergraduates in social work various university in Malaysia are among some students we train. Some of our Medical Social Officers are part-time lecturers and/or trainers at these institutions, including the Master of Medical Social Work programme of UKM.

The Department also provides public education to medical professionals, social/community agencies and the general public, through talks and lectures regarding social issue related medical conditions.

Boarding Facility For Poor Families

Anjung Kasih, or free boarding facility for poor families of patients who come from afar are provided in Selayang Hospital and managed by Medical Social Officers.  This  facility is important because if a person is admitted to hospital and his condition is serious, surely his family members will want to be near him. Hospital Selayang also is a national referral centre and receives patients from all over the country seeking specialist treatment not available at other hospitals. Anjung Kasih, established by the National Welfare Foundation have managed to assist 940 family members of poor patients with free boarding since their establishment in 2006.

Community Outreach

Besides providing direct assistance to patients and their families, our medical social officers team helps patients by mobilizing resources in the community to create new services or improving existing services to make them more relevant and responsive to patients' needs. We also doing Networking-liaising with statutory and voluntary services and agencies to keep patients/families/carers informed of their rights and linking them with appropriate support networks and groups.

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